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Advanced Class “Badges” September 1, 2010

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Students in the advanced class are required to pass at least 3 badges… for lack of a better phrase, I’ll call them “Theatre Areas of Study” (Or TAS’s).

These are the TAS’s I’m offering (subject to change):


Costuming; Costume Design/Assembly; Makeup/Hair; Set Design; Props Design


Scriptwriting; Songwriting/Poetry; Choreography (dance or fight); Promotions/Advertising; Directing


Comedy; Drama; Pantomime/Stage Combat; Improvisation; History of Drama

Song Performance; Music Theory; History of Music

Ballroom Dance; Swing Dance; Theatrical Dance; History of Dance


2 Responses to “Advanced Class “Badges””

  1. gzsote Says:

    I forgot the “Technical Theatre” category. The TAS’s available in that category are:

    Lights; Audio; Stage Crew; Stage Safety, and Special Effects.

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