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Theatrical Areas of Study (advanced class) September 8, 2010

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Here’s the set up of the system we’ll be using in the advanced class.

Because I like to have a label for everything (it really does help me, and hopefully is useful to others, as well.), here are some of the terms I’ll be using:

MIDAS – the name of this curriculum, standing for Music, Improv, Dance, Acting, and Singing (may become “Stage” instead).

TAS – (Theatrical Areas of Study) kind of self-explanatory.

There are  6 categories the TAS fall under:  Acting, Music, Dance, Creativity/Leadership, Theatre Design, Tech Design. (See previous post for the TAS under these categories.)

Each student must complete at least 3 TAS to receive a “Pass” certification. You may complete more. If this proves to be an effective system, you may complete more over a span of years. For each level you complete (beyond a “pass”), there will be a certificate (that may count for high school credits; not sure how this works) and maybe a treat…

Completion of 5 or more TAS: Certificate of Proficiency

10 or more TAS: Certificate of Apprenticeship

15 or more TAS: Certificate of Expertise

20 or more TAS: Certificated of Journeyman (or woman)

5 TAS completed in a single category: Certificate of Mastery within that category.

I’m working now to standardize each TAS so they require no more than 3 in-class hours and 6 out-of-class hours.

Students, be prepared to choose your first 3 TAS on the 13th of September; if you have any questions, you may ask at anytime.


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