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Resources for your TAS September 14, 2010

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Here are some links and whatnot to help you research for your TAS. Keep in mind that these links may not be the best source of information, so look around and don’t rely on this. Also, while you’re welcome to glance at the links for other TAS, don’t get so distracted that you neglect the ones you’re working on.

Comedy TAS:


Elements of Comedy

How to tell a Joke

Telling Jokes Lots of ads in this one, but look! It’s by Brandon!


Drama/Tragedy TAS:

Elements of Drama


Dramatic Scenes

Confrontation Scenes

How to Cry I just Googled “How to Cry” and this came up! Hahaha!

Pantomime TAS:

Mimed scene ideas

Stage Combat TAS:

Combat videos (I was not able to view these beforehand for content.)

Improvisation TAS:

You’re on your own; this one’s easy to look up. I have a list of improv games if you want to look at it.

History of Drama TAS:

This one is also easy to look up. Here’s one interesting link, though:


Song Performance:

Vocal Health

Vocal Health for Kids

Basic Music Theory and Next Level Music Theory:

The Basics

History of Music:

Musical Periods

Ballroom Dance/Swing Dance:

I have several videos that teach the basics of ballroom and swing. You can also find lots of videos and DVDs that teach these. I’m fond of the Dance With Len Goodman (head judge on Dancing With the Stars) DVD, available in the Washington County system.

History of Swing

Theatrical Dance

You can also find DVDs of jazz, hip hop, etc at your library or clips on YouTube.

History of Dance

Be careful when looking up “dance fads” online; there are some inappropriate topics in those articles. I have Panatti’s Parade of Fads, Follies, and Manias, a book that covers these dance fads. There is also a video in the Washington County system called Dance Time – The 20th Century, which is pretty good.


Comedy Sketch writing

Script formatting

Writing a Dramatic Vignette

Song/Poetry Writing

Just Google “How to write a song” or “how to write a poem”. Lots of stuff will come up.




10 Tips

Logo design


Christian diplomacy

Blocking 1

Blocking 2

Costuming and Costume Design/Assembly

Costume Design

Color Wheel

Body Types

I also have several books on historical and ethnic costumes.

Makeup and Hair

Makeup effects

Stage Makeup videos

Makeup step-by-step

Long Hair Styles

Grey hair

Historical Hair and Costume

Set Design

I have a book on making theatre sets.

Props Design

About Props

Importance of Props


About Stage Lighting


About Sound

Stage Crew

Stage Management

Special Effects

Fun Catalogue

Special FX

Stage Safety

Physical environment

Theatre Safety


4 Responses to “Resources for your TAS”

  1. Brandon Says:

    I viewed some of the stage combat videos on Youtube, though many people were saying that their technique is wrong. So, I’d suggest looking else where for videos regarding the Stage Combat TAS.

    • Tommy Says:

      I’m not sure if it is the same videos as Brandon mentioned (found the same demonstrator on Youtube), but I was able to get through them in about an hour =P

      I found out that the “choke hold” video was not working on Ehow, so I found the same one at:

      And for anyone that does view the videos, the demonstrator uses God’s name in vain in the “summary” video 😦

      • Tommy Says:

        Actually, I found a couple good playlists, if you want them.
        *I have only viewed a several so far, but they look quite a bit better (her qualifications sound pretty good too):


        Rapier and Dagger:

        To give you what her bio says:

        Ashley Valentine first began her Stage Combat training in the summer of 2005 in New York City while attending The American Musical and Dramatic Academy. In the summer of 2006 she transfered to the Los Angeles Campus where she continued to study combat. It was here that she was able to start training for Skills Proficiency Tests (SPTs) in specific weapons. The SPTs are given by The Society of American Fight Directors (SAFD). She received her first certification on 10/29/06 in Unarmed and Rapier and Dagger. She was awarded an Examiner’s Award for Excellence in both weapons. Her next certification she received on 03/24/07 in Smallsword. Now that she has three weapons she is considered an Actor Combatant.

      • gzsote Says:

        Thanks, you guys!

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