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The Chicken Crossed the Road to Read Brandon’s Comedy Essay October 21, 2010

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Comedy is a style of acting, talking, writing, dancing, etc. that generally leads to laughter. There are many styles within comedy, such as: slapstick, irony, satire, alternative comedy, sarcasm, banter, gallows humor, parody, and many, many others.

Now, to make comedy work, you have to find subjects that people think are funny. These can range from reflections of life ( Overly eccentric people), to peculiar/bizarre things you’re not likely to see in your life (a gun-totting monkey wearing a top-hat), to a combination of the two (actors), and beyond.

The unfortunate truth is that it is easy to royally mess up. “How can this happen!” you ask? Well, hold onto your knickers, I’m about to tell you. Let’s get the common sense ones out of the way first: bad jokes, overly complex jokes, and outdated jokes are lame (seriously, I don’t want to hear about why the chicken crossed the road ever again… ever).

Next, know your audience. Some jokes work better for certain ages than others. Slapstick works great for kids, but – unless it’s really good – doing a slapstick routine just won’t work for a tea party.

Don’t try to be funny, that just turns out sad – really, really sad

Know your material. Jokes need to flow out of your mouth like a figure skater on fresh ice, not like a grandpa in a wheelchair trying to go down the stairs. (Editor’s note – step away from the similes with your hands up, Brandon!)

And please, keep it clean! Of course this falls on the shoulders of the performer, but I believe the audience is more to blame. The performer controls what they perform, but through what they pay and what they watch, the audience controls the performer.

A comic has to tell jokes about what they think the audience finds funny. If they don’t, then they will be out on the street faster than aforementioned grandpa. The audience needs to demand more from comedians.

Comedy, when done right, is a great way to engage the audience and make them fall in love with you.

May all your jokes receive a hearty laugh in reply,



2 Responses to “The Chicken Crossed the Road to Read Brandon’s Comedy Essay”

  1. Brandon Says:

    You just had to throw the chicken in there somewhere?

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