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Genesis Zero Stage Class August 27, 2010

The Genesis Zero Stage Class (commonly known as GZ) is a performing arts (Acting, singing, dancing) class for homeschooled children ages 4-18.

Genesis Zero is designed to give students ages 4-18 basic skills and experience in acting, singing, and dancing. I teach out of my own curriculum; the MIDAS program (Music, Improv, Dance, Acting, Singing).

I (Miss Emily) believe that my job as a teacher is to give children skills that are not only applicable in the Fine Arts, but in everyday life, as well. I hope to equip them to become better performers with the ultimate goal of giving them tools and confidence that will help them become ambassadors for Christ.

The name of this class, Genesis Zero Stage Class, refers to John 1:1 (In the beginning was the Word…). This verse takes us back to events before the first verse in the Bible. The name of the class also has its roots in my choreography directions, when I tell actors/dancers to start the song “from Genesis Zero”, meaning the dialogue before the song starts.






For more information on the Sherwood 2011-2012 classes, please visit this post.

For information on the Forest Grove 2011-2012 class, please visit this post.

For class tuitions and more information, please email Emily at sotepro.com



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